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Once upon a time there were five of us. The youth and nonconformity gave birth to The Dirge (KZ). For two years we had been playing black-doom metal. That lasted till the passion for classical instruments which was rooted since the childhood, come to the front, thus substituting pathos and outrageous behavior. It is then when we came up with Усыпальница Духа (eng. “Spirit Shrine”), and there became seven of us. By adding three other guests, we recorded a gothic album like we imagined it to be then. The way we were feeling it. Taking the opportunity, we remembered our native language, and sang in it. After that was the period of wandering, storming and winding – no use in talking about them. Now here are two of us. Today we are “Anima Corpus" (latin for “Spirit Shrine“). The understanding to change the name occurred while making a new album. All the more so this new material can hardly be called logical development of the previous project. One thing is for certain – we did not betray ourselves and have recorded the very essence of our internal experience, disguising it in florid garments of notes and words. And while we’re peeling off needless husk from the fresh material, making it more delicious to your ear and editing a video clip, while we ourselves are trying to emerge from the sticky slough of technologies, you can listen to a new song from the future album on our official site. Moreover, this new song will appear on a compilation of "Triangular Studio" creative association.

Snatching at a chance, here are the upcoming album’s track list:

1. все кончено (It’s All Over)
2. агония (Agony)
3. касания (Touchings)
4. горизонты (Horizons)
5. избавление (Redemption)
6. сирена (Siren)
7. переплетения (Entwinements)
8. химера (Chimera)
9. somnolence

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