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  • Активность (лет)

    2009 – сегодня (10 лет)

ANFEL - is a Gothic Doom, Gothic Metal, Piano, Instrumental studio project from Russia,formed in 2009.

•Denis DIONIS Lobotorov - Founder,Ideologist,Composer,Vocals
•Elvira ALCHEMIDA Lobotorova - Vocals,Guitars, Arrangements, Sound

In the beginning of 2009 the composer Denis DIONIS Lobotorov from Tver makes a decision to create an instrumental Internet-project ANFEL (And New Future Ever Lives), where all his personal creative thoughts and ideas would be realized.
First instrumental albums "In Memory About", "Blind Me" и "Pain Of A Thousand Tears” were created in 2009, 2010 и 2011.
Two first full-format tracks "My Truth And Its Gist" и "Why" were recorded at MAGNA OPERA studio in the middle of 2012. The vocalist of all-female band BLACKTHORN Aina Tornheim participated in these singles, which were fulfilled by incredible atmosphere of her soprano voice.
Also BLACKTHORN’s guitarist Elvira Alchemida officially joined the project, so ANFEL has obtained new sound quality.
Three new instrumental albums were released in 2012-2013 years: the 4th album "Fragments Of Memories", the 5th "The Heart Of The Black Queen" and "Silhouettes Of Consciousness", which became the 6th album. In addition, the single "Cry" were presented by ANFEL in 2013.
7th instrumental LP "One Last Touch" and new single "Station Of Sadness" appeared in October 2014. Next year ANFEL releases LP "Icy World".
The decision about re-recording of all previous releases in new quality and as full-format LP was made in 2016, also the album “Instrumental covers” was recorded.
The project took part in "International metal tribute to Mylene Farmer - Trois Decennies", which was released by the label “GS Production” in October 2016.
5 May 2017 ANFEL introduced a new single "Dead Romance", where Elvira Alchemida was debuting as new main vocals of the project. In the same year ANFEL participated in the official cover CD "A Metal Tribute To Roxette - Listen To Your Metal Heart", which was also released by “GS Production”.
Besides LP and singles there were several compilation with ANFEL tracks like:
Drea Promo Group - Melodies from Dark Side, Symphonic Gothic Spring - Part.5,VARG - EX. 29, Shadow Dreams - Russian Doom Metal, Gates of night - The gloomy region vol.3, VARG Ex.39 - Metal Edition.
24 April 2018 ANFEL took part in another cover CD "A Tribute To Emerald Night - All That Inspired By Dreams", that was released by Sound Age label.
May 19th 2018 a last new single "Infinite Nightmare" from the future LP "Echoes Of Buried Hope" saw the light.
Now ANFEL is recording this new full-format album and from time to time have been presenting re-recorded versions of previous instrumental albums.

ATTENTION! The only resources where you can support the band are:
https://anfel.bandcamp.com/ (band page)
https://gsproduction.bandcamp.com/ (our label page)
All other resources (Itunes, Spotify etc) don't have any connection with us!

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