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The Alexandr Rext label was founded in Russia in the city of Moscow in 2020. The desire to make music came in the 90s, having recorded on the MCM Top 100 cassette and listened to it through the holes, I realized that the E-Type group and Stag party are not all the music of the World. At that time, three channels were shown in the city: First Russian, RTR and local television, from 6 pm to 9, making clips of Pugacheva and the Na-Na group for money, an announcer sat and read out letters I quote: For our wonderful director of a bakery, Bread factory No 3 put the group "LUBE".
But at night the studio cut in various channels MCM, Eurosport and something else - it was fantastic. Here are some artists from the same cassette: Skee-Lo, 2 Dance 2, De'lacy-Hideway, Robin S-Show Me Love, Josh Wink, U-96, DJ Quicksilver, Faithless, and many others. This greatly changed the musical perception of the artist.

Once, hanging out at my mother’s dacha, on the Volga River with my brother Ivan recorded a fictional evening radio show for some reason called “The Green Button” They threw off another stupid joke and cut a song on the second player, and even sang their own one time - it’s like that and it was called "Green Button" Verse words roughly - "Green button You forgive my friend …" - this is complete crap! HA HA HA. Unfortunately, they did not find the cassette, maybe it’s for the best.

At home, they had a plate and bobbin player - both were used as an amplifier and channel distributor for different rooms, and a STEREO player was located nearby on the table as a source. Switching the buttons on the bobbin, the track sounded in different rooms. This is not Ibiza.

In 2020, on January 23, the first release of the EP album "2Life" (2007) took place and it is a microhouse. A few synthesizers and effects with drum parts, accompanied by atmospheric backgrounds, under which you can fall asleep =)

The artist describes his styles as deep house, minimal, dark ambient. He himself listens to atmospheric music that helps to create paintings, such as: Loscil, Biosphere, Sensorica, Scann-tec, Producer, PFM, Ltj Bukem, Ultimae Records, Soma Fm, etc.

In 2004, Alexander performed as a DJ in a small club, where the owner requested to replace a DJ who had not arrived for the evening. The people were satisfied. Everything except that DJ.

"There is no occupation besides music. There is art born under it and existing with it." Rekst A.V.

Alexander - takes pictures, shoots videos, he is engaged in editing, an artist, designer and illustrator. His posts and album covers are developed and typeset by himself. There is a beloved family - a spouse and two sons, who help in the search for new sounds, so far experimental.

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