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Born in Bogota, Colombia, Aleja Sanchez has been active in the techno scene since 2007. A mental and deep but forceful sound combined with a natural penchant for experimental and diverse soundscapes with raw lines have laid the foundations for her to develop a highly unique musical voice into the International techno circuit. Currently, Aleja Sanchez is consider “one of the Colombian scene's biggest international exports” Resident Advisor, 2019.

The aesthetic applies to her DJ sets explains why she has been invited to direct the booths in places like Tresor.Berlin (Germany), Stardust (Spain), Razzmatazz (Spain), Perpetum (Czech Republic), Flex (Austria), Sound Department (Italy), Liquid Club (Malta), Dissident (Russia), Khidi (Georgia) among others.
In 2018, Aleja Sanchez was invited for Boiler Room to be part of the famous streaming in it first version in Medellin, Colombia. In the same year was invited to participate as panelist in Bogotá 24/7, event organized by Resident Advisor in seven cities around the world.

As producer, Aleja Sanchez is the label head of Northallsen records and contributor to Attic Music, Illegal Alien, Planet Rhythm, among others. With an experimental hypnotic and fused techno and a gentle and melancholic ambient current she reveals her stylized and unique sound.

Deepness, quality and versatility are characteristics of Aleja Sanchez who always strives to create a unique dialogue between the environment, techno and experimental electronics, carefully curated and skillfully organized in a unique and sonorous landscape both in the studio and behind the decks.

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