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Albrecht & Roley.


Saw a copy of this one in Goldmine collector's magazine once where the dealer described it as
having a "good stoned feel". Huh? Well, I don't think I woulda used quite the same words,
but at least they adequately suggested that this ain't no sappy Christian radio thingy.
Albrecht & Roley is Mike Albrecht and Scottt Roley - the latter's name graces pert near
every album on this tiny label. Actually Alan Moore is in here, too,
playing bass and banjo on several songs. This is light acoustic folk.
Picture an un-orchestrated Jim Croce or perhaps a demo tape by America and you'll get the idea.
Albrecht and Roley's acoustic guitars complement each other well giving a nice basement sound that's hard
not to like. Perhaps that "stoned feel" comment was inspired by more basement sounding electric
cuts like 'Frieze' or the watery psych-ish phase-shifted guitars on 'The Good Life'.
Re-issued on Hartsong in the late 70's with a different cover. (Ken Scott - Archivist)

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