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  • Дата релиза

    1 января 2019

  • Продолжительность

    8 композиций

The evolution of AINOMA project brings its sounding to a whole new level –darksynths and retro drum-machines shift us from surrealistic wastelands into an alternate timeline – the universe of VHS madness, neon nights, cyberpunk, decline of superstates and digital era origin.

The shape of things to come – Welcome to the capital of the corporate ultra-technological state, ruled by the Upper class that reached immortality by uploading its conscience to digital storage. Only a group of anarchists called Action Directe resist this order.

In November 2019 Action Directe ventures a riot. To suppress it the Upper class sends its elite troops - "Immortals"- upgraded soldiers with cyber implants. Yet they cannot put the mutiny down and have to retreat. The Anarchists almost seize the city. Then the commander of "Immortals" develops a radical solution - scorched-earth policy. He decides to send an airborne troop to take over and blow up nuclear reactor "Nuclear Heart Father", located in the monumental pyramid building. After successful infiltration several anarchist units are defeated and "Immortals" activate detonator, destroying their physical shells and 8 million citizens.

Propaganda accuses Action Directe of the explosion, meanwhile the "Immortals" forces enter the city and start mopping-up operation, destroying the rest of the resistance. The large advanced city is devastated and gets a new name – NECROPOLIS.

NECROPOLIS is the first synthwave release of AINOMA that reflects the dark side of the 1980s, its horror, sci-fi and cyberpunk universes. It references the futuristic ‘’Blade Runner’’ soundtrack, atmospheric Brad Fiedel’s synths, disturbing minimalism of John Carpenter’s and other masterpieces of that era. All these inspirations emerged out of subconsciousness and came to life in a short soundtrack story about fictional retrofuturistic NECROPOLIS city.
released January 2, 2019

Music written & produced by Lex Rif
Artwork, visuals & covers by MAD Fox Production

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