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After Eternity is the brainchild of the talented Norwegian multi-instrumentalist Kristoffer Øyen. He wrote all the songs on our debut album, initially intended to be a solo album. But when the auditions for live musicians started, he decided that this project should be a full band. Using our own recording studios, we re-recorded the songs, with each member bringing our own personal interpretation on our respective instruments.
After Eternity focuses on strong melodies, a tight rythm section and technically challenging instrumental parts. As opposed to many other bands, we like to be pigeonholed. There's no denying that we fit perfectly into the rather narrow genre "True Norwegian Melodic Progressive Metal".
We shamelessly brag about the fact that we snatched the extremely talented keyboardist, Espen Storø, who played with Circus Maximus on their debut album "The 1st Chapter", and who also recently played with Withem when he played with them on their sophomore album "The Unforgiving Road".
Espen brought Olav Dale into the band, knowing him from the early CM-days. The experienced bassplayer provides a solid backbone to our dynamics and is a driving force in the band.
Kristoffer met Petter Fagerli when auditioning for the Oslo based band Defective where Petter was the lead guitarist and contributing songwriter. He didn't hesitate when asked to join After Eternity before Defective was permanently dissolved, leaving them in effect ineffective. His style of playing is strongly inspired by old school metal and guitar virtuosos. He's got a soft spot for the floating tremolo, which enables him to colour his lead and rythm licks - from the subtlest vibratos to the deepest dives and fluttering madness - leaving them unique.
Erik Salminen's lively singing resembles a mix of some great vocalists; he's got the clarity of our fellow Norwegian singer Michael Eriksen of Circus Maximus , the rawness of Rody Walker of the Canadian punk metal band Protest The Hero and the power of Ian Parry of the Dutch power metal band Elegy. Yet, his voice has its own distinct character, which makes him instantly recognisable.
Our debut album, "The Leap Of Pain", was mixed by Kristoffer and Erik. The mixing of vocals and stem mastering was executed by Linus Corneliusson and Tony Lindgren respectively, at the highly professional Fascination Street Studios.
Vocals: Erik Salminen
Drums: Kristoffer Øyen
Keyboards: Espen Storø
Guitar: Petter Fagerli
Bass: Olav Dale

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