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Abonation formed in December 2009 in the town of Cikarang, Bekasi - West Java, Indonesia, with a line up early : Adulah Dosa (Vocals), Arifsaraf Hidayat (Lead Guitars), Ricky Maliki (Guitars), Ebi (Bass), Diko Fayumi (Drums).
By carrying out the New School Death Metal genre and style of music culture adopts Suffocation, Obscura, Spawn Of Possession, Gorod, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Dying Fetus, Cerebral Bore, Anomalous, Brain Drill, Necrophagist. Abonation started to show its fangs in the indie music scene in the city of Bekasi area, capitalize some songs of his own works have managed to steal the attention of the audience of music genre Death Metal.
But the line-up did not last long Adulah Dosa (Vocals) resigned due to focus on his main band, then go Rino as additional vocals fill the positions. Only a few months later Ricky Maliki (Guitars) and Ebi (Bass) out of the line up Abonation in because of the need to continue their studies.
To fill this gap, Diko and Arifsaraf recruit Januaryo Hardi (Perverted Dexterity) filled in on bass and Tri Nugroho filled in on vocals. Again line up did not last long, Januaryo Hardi (Perverted Dexterity) and Diko Fayumi leave from the band.
Since then Abonation also has undergone several times disassembly line up and until today the line up intact and solid are : Tri Nugroho (Vox), Arifsaraf Hidayat (Guitars), Kevin (Drums).
Since 2014 they are committed to posting work - their work in a full-length debut album, and then in 2016 Abonation do everything under the label Eastbreath Records (Indonesia) and also has released single was titled " Desolation Of Anger ". The full-lenght debut album will be officially released by Rottrevore Records in early 2017.
Notes :
Abonation philosophy consists of two syllables Abo and Nation, Abo is taken from the name of indigenous tribes in the land of kangaroos, Aboriginal in which the tribe became estranged in his native land while the Nation is the nation. Then it can be concluded Abonation meaning nations alienated from his homeland.

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