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#afx \ made on a qx21 sequencer, nightmare how i got the recording qual this good on cassette is a mystery to me now, lots of trial and error spose, not sure how those cassettes would sound these days, safe to say that they wont sound better but i could do the transfers better and ADC's are much better these days, so dunno, swings & roundabouts. i encoded this and loads of others onto DAT about 25 years ago, when London records lent me a Sony DTC 1000 for 2 days around 1992 and i quickly backed up as much as poss as well as giving them pacman :) Back then there was no way to backup a recorded song, no way at all !!! So I used to get ver paranoid about my master tapes…i kept them in military water proof boxes, still in them now, most of em, not all. I’m actually getting progressively worse at keeping my stuff safe now . I went through about 10 DAT machines, portable ones, big ones, never liked any of them really. I once hacked a DAT player to play back DAT tapes that i purposefully ruined, strtching the tape, spraying hair spray on the tape etc, fucked the speed of the motor up etc, sounded really good, will dig out., used plenty of sounds from it though like in ‘xepha’, that has some stuff from that. then from DAT to computer about 10 years ago. Samples: Bob James, "Nautilus" (same as "Pink Floyd", just sped up) Also uses same drum sample as (CAT 00897-A1), subCan and Mental Telepathy.

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