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#afx \ there was this track, icct hedral and another tht i wrote after coming down off microdots, i was off my face walking around london and i just wanted to hear these tracks so bad and had the cassette in my pocket,the player i had just died and i just walked into a shop and bought this walkman with the last money I had, was really tweaking , they were fuckin expensive but it was sooooo worth it.. no decent food for a few weeks but sony pro walkman in the bag! Yes Steve Reich vibes 4 sure, was very interesting meeting him a couple of years ago, he REALLY wanted to release my Pendulum array re-work which was a huge compliment on nonsuch but i never got around to sorting it out… Had an initial super good long conversation with him in Poland, picked each others brains and kind of forget where we were..still got lots of things buzzing around inside my head from it..but then we said our goodbyes thinking we would probably never meet each other again but was really funny/odd because my girlfriend and I just KEPT bumping into him, party in a polish bar, around the festival, the airport lounge, transport bus, on the plane in the arrival lounge, it got really embarrasing, by the end I was like look im fucking sick of seeing your face mate!

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