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Английская христианская группа.
In the early seventies, Christian music was in its infancy. I was in my first "group" Signpost, when John And Ross Harding moved into our area. They had great ideas, and Ross had the voice of an Angel, so Alastair and myself decided to join them in forming 11.59.
Our music was very much Folk based, but with my love for the sound of the Mellotron, we decided to add the instrument to our line-up, and I began a love affair with it which still persists to this day!
11.59 were one of the first groups to take the fledgling Christian music genre seriously, combining our new found sound with our trade mark interpretations of the Psalms.
Strong melodies with rich harmonies added extra textures to the overall sound, and we all soon became very close friends.
Unfortunately, no footage with audio exists of the group. So, dear viewer, I offer this blurry 8mm film of us circa 1971. The soundtrack I've chosen is the song "By the waters of Babylon" which I remixed back in 2003, and very few people will have heard. It's a very haunting song which suits Ross's voice beautifully, and has always been one of my personal favourites. Sadly, we lost Ross a few years back, and we all still miss her.

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