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  • Активность (лет)

    2013 – сегодня (11 лет)

  • Место основания

    Kirov, Kirovskaya oblast', Российская Федерация


FB - facebook.com/chernayarechkatheband/
Insta - instagram.com/chernaya_rechka_band/
Vk - vk.com/chernaya.rechka

"This one was a winner from the first damn second. It`s easy to throw around «dark punk» and «goth punk» descriptors as soon as band plugs into a flanger and the vocalist tries to sing…but this shit is frigid and desperate in the best way imaginable. Sure, there`s usually a danceable rhythm driving the whole thing, and maybe the guitars are as much Edge as Sumner, but every single song on the demo is close to perfect. My copy also includes the tracks from the Сторона А (no complaints from me) which are ever so slightly more upbeat, but no more welcoming. ЧЕРНАЯ РЕЧКА sound like a band on an absolute mission – forceful, introverted and hopelessly infectious…I just shake my head at how perfect this is".


"Sometimes something is so well done, so on point, so….perfect, that you just listen with your mouth half open and wonder how simple human persons could have possibly done something exactly as things are supposed to be done. That's what happened when I started the Черная Речка (BLACK RIVER) tape. You can file it alongside your goth/dark/new wave/80s rock reincarnated as new millennium punk bands, and you won't be wrong, but I'm telling you that this band is doing something special. Two demos, both from 2014, are contained on my cassette, so you get ten songs….and every fukkn one of them is perfect. Listen to "Снег," and then listen to "Пропасть" and you will know that I am right. This band just turned my world on end, and I can't thank them enough".


«Один из наиболее интересных и самобытных коллективов постпанк-сцены. Вместо ухода в привычное холодное и экзальтированное звучание или заигрывания с гламурным синтипопом они создают, как правило, лаконичные, прочно западающие в сознание песни. Среди главных достоинств коллектива — тонкий мелодизм и искренние, тщательно подобранные тексты…»


Den - drums
Genya - bass
Lynx - guitar, vox

Kirov/Saint Peterburg

since 2013

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