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  • Активность (лет)

    2013 – сегодня (6 лет)

  • Место основания

    Moskva, Российская Федерация

The band was formed in the summer of 2013 by members of several collectives of the Moscow sludge / stoner doom-scene Predicted and Magnetic TarTrap. With the help of a session drummer, the band recorded a promo album. Initially, the chosen direction was sludge doom with an admixture of drone and noise, but later the band changed its sound to the side of doom metal. The lyrics of the collective are based on Slavonic mythology, folk tales and occultism.

Currently band in active live activity, and in the intervals between concerts is working on new material. At the moment there are three full-length albums in the archive of the band two split ones (with Kharkov's SOOM and the band Electricjezus from Dmitrov), one live and one promo album.

In September 2017, a new album "Nechist" was released, which, according to the participants, is currently the most developed both in terms of its musical component and concept.

In concert the group shared a scene with iconic bands in doom metal and sludge genres, including Acid King (USA), Suma (Sweden), Monarch! (France), Zaum (Canada) and others.

ИЛ in english is ooze , the mud from the swamp. Or… - "sludge"

1) demo: ИЛ (2013) s/r
2) split: ИЛ/SOOM split (2014) s/r
3) live:Live from SPB (2014) s/r
4) LP: ИЛ - Чёрная Топь (2014) tape/CD on Otvar DIY
5) LP: ИЛ - Тени древних культов (2015) CD on Otvar DIY
6) split:ИЛ/Electricjezus split (2016) CD on Otvar DIY
7) single: Костры (2017) internet release/tape compilation by NoBread
8) LP: ИЛ - Нечисть (2017) CD on Otvar DIY/Nobread, tapes on Towner records

Origin: Moscow, Russia

Listen and download:

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