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Alchemical androgyne - cinnabar, is one of the most important images of alchemy, alchemy speaking incarnation purpose - unity of sulfur and mercury, as a primary element. Acquires through the compound is dissolved in it male and female bases, androgynous principle contains within it the seeds of all things. Hermaphrodite refers to the process of alchemical transmutation, or the "Great Work." The king and queen are united in the fire of love, and from their union there is perfection - the philosopher's stone, a catalyst capable of transmuting base metals into gold - it is the key to enlightenment. The main motivation of the alchemist to participate in the "Great Work" is the desire by studying nature and its processes, "to use this knowledge to reach the Creator."

"Those who fail to" be two in one body, "will be two in one spirit"
de Olivier ©

The Riddle of the King:

Here is born the king of all glory
There cannot be any created
Greater in the world than he.
The Philosophers call him their son.
He effected all things which they do
And what ever men expect of him.
He giveth continual health
Gold, Silver and precious stones.
He giveth fortitude, long life, beauty
And Purity. He expelled Anger,
Sorrow, Poverty and diseases.
Blessed is he on whom God bestows this gift.

The Answer of Luna the Queen:

Here is born a noble and a rich Queen
Whom the Philosophers liken unto their Daughter.
She multiplies and brings forth infinite Children
Free from all hurt impurity and spot.
She expels death and hates poverty
She gives wealth, health, honour
And all good things.
She excels Gold, Silver and precious stones
And all medicines both precious and simple.
There is nothing on the whole face of the Earth
That may be compared unto her.
For which give endless thanks to the great God of Heaven.

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