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I have already indicated that all things are constituted of three essences - namely, mercury, sulphur, and salt - and herein I have taught what is true. But know that the Stone is composed out of one , two , three , four , and five . Out of five - that is , the quintessence of its own substance. Out of four , by which we must understand the four elements. Out of three , and these are the three principles of all things. Out of two , for the mercurial substance is twofold. Out of one, and this is the first essence of everything which emanated from the primal fiat of creation. But many may by all these discourses be rendered doubtful in mind as to what they must start with, and as to the consequent theory. - Basilius Valentinus © "Duodecim Claves"

"The Pentagram" (Aleister Crowley)

In the years of the Primal Course, in the dawn of terrestrial birth,
Man mastered the mammoth and horse, and Man was the Lord of the Earth.

He made him an hollow skin from the heart of an holy tree,
He compassed the earth therein, and Man was the Lord of the Sea.

He controlled the vigour of steam, he harnessed the lightning for hire;
He drove the celestial team, and Man was the Lord of the Fire.

Deep-mouthed from their thrones deep-seated, the choirs of the aeons declare
The last of the demons defeated, for Man is the Lord of the Air.

Arise, O Man, in thy strength! The kingdom is thine to inherit,
'Til the high Gods witness at length that Man is the Lord of his Spirit.

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