Where to download and how to use Pocket Scrobbler

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    Where to download and how to use Pocket Scrobbler

    Thanks for your interest in Pocket Scrobbler! Please be aware that this application is still being worked on. If you encounter problems, do not hesitate to provide feedback in the forum. This especially applies to experimental features, like radio playback or smartphone support.

    Before downloading the necessary files, please note that...

    Pocket Scrobbler is compatible with Last.fm, but it's not created or tested by Last.fm Limited. "Scrobbler" is a trademark of Last.fm Limited.

    Be sure you meet the following requirements:
    • your device runs at least Windows Mobile 5
    • your device needs .NET Compact Framework 2.0 installed

    Windows Mobile 6 devices often ship with CF 2.0 installed, thus if you are using WM6, no further action should be required. Users of Windows Mobile 5 need to install CF 2.0 before they can run the application. You can download CF 2.0 for free here.

    NOTE: If you want to check which version of Compact Framework is installed, run \windows\cgacutil.exe on your device.

    Download, v1.6:
    Pocket PC - download
    Smartphone - download

    I also recommend downloading the resource file, which will allow CF 2.0 to display more detailed error descriptions:

    • Connect your device to your PC
    • use ActiveSync's or Windows Mobile Device Center's desktop integration to copy the file to your device in Windows Explorer
    • Tap the cab-file in file manager to start the installation; if you are using a smartphone with no filemanager installed, you'll have to copy the cab file to the \windows\start menu folder, then activate it using the start menu.
    • If you want to use TCPMP on your Pocket PC instead of Windows Media Player Mobile, please follow the additional instructions in this thread now

    NOTE: If you want to use the radio feature on your Pocket PC, make sure the storage you install the client to has at least 10 MB of free disk space!

    Start the application using start menu or file manager on your device. If you wish Pocket Scrobbler to start automatically every time you listen to some music, make sure to leave the "Start/Exit application dynamically" option in the Advanced Options dialog activated.

    • After you opened a supported media player on your device, open a media file
    • If you switch to Pocket Scrobbler now, it should display the media data of the file (ie artist, track etc). If it does not, you are probably not using Windows Mobile 5 or later.
    • Following the common last.fm rules (ie scrobbling after a certain amount of time, not scrobbling tracks less than 30secs etc) the client will add the data to its internal "to scrobble" list, which you can view on the "Cache" tab.
    • Before you can scrobble anything you will need to enter your account data on the "Settings" tab (that is Command > Settings on Smartphones).

    Data submission:
    • Make sure your device is connected to the internet; if you do not have a data plan, connect your device to your PC - if the PC has internet access, so will your device, as soon as ActiveSync/Windows Mobile Device Center establishes the connection; easiest way to find out whether you have net access is to open any website in Internet Explorer on your device
    • After you connected, switch to the "Cache" tab and click "Scrobble now!" to scrobble your tracks; Smartphone users select "Command" and "Scrobble now"
    • Check for error messages on the "Events" tab

    • Radio playback is experimental and only available on Pocket PC
    • make sure you have read the Q&A thread before using it

    What else you should know:

    Last.fm uses server-side spam filters which do not allow tracks to be scrobbled which were played some time ago *IF* one has already scrobbled another track (with a "younger" timestamp). That means that you will have to scrobble all tracks using the device before you can play another track on your desktop pc - otherwise last.fm will accept the data (so you get a "submission successful" on the device) but will not use it (you will get a notification on your profile on the website in this case, though)

    Have fun!

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