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For all who like/listen/interested on christian industrial music.

"In 1988, the industrial metal movement began. Although a fusion genre, there was a notable and mostly American based Christian movement around the style in the 1990s. The California based group Mortal is cited as one the first Christian bands that represented the style.[6] Mortal was not the first Christian band that played industrial metal, but they had a notable role in that they opened ways for 1990s industrial metal bands, both Christian and secular. The second album Fathom (1993) was Mortal's most guitar-driven musically, and became one of the band's most popular releases. The song ”Rift” was rearranged later and a music video, which delt with the issue of child abuse, was shot for it in 1994, achieving MTV airplay.
Another 1990s Christian industrial metal cult band was Circle of Dust, which was formed by New York based Scott Albert after his former thrash metal outfit Immortal (USA) disbanded. Albert rerecorded the album in 1995. The second album, Brainchild was more extreme than first one, and showcased dark cyberpunk-esque lyrics. The album is characterized by strong elements of thrash metal. A music video was shot for ”Telltale Crime” in Tennessee state penitentiary which was closed due to inhuman conditions. The album was exclusively distributed to secular market, where the band achieved moderate success: Part of the song ”Deviate” was used as the introsong for a long time in the now defunct MTV Sports show.

Albert led the Christian industrial metal movement at one point and he was a part of many other groups such as Argyle Park, the underground supergroup of Christian industrial metal, which released the successful album Misguided (1995). Albert produced the sideproject of The Crucified members, Chatterbox's only album Despite. After a some disagreements with the label occurred, the touring line up of Circle of Dust disbanded. Daren Diolosa started a soloproject under the name Klank and recorded the album Still Suffering in 1997. The second album Numb was somewhat successful because the song ”Blind” became a hit single. Dan Albert recorded under the name Level. Scott Albert grew tired of R.E.X. Records' policy and the critique that he did not write Christian lyrics enough, and eventually left the Christian scene. In 1998 Scott Albert recorded the "last" Circle of Dust album Disengage which incorporated elements of darkwave and synthpop. He took the pseudonym Klayton and formed Celldweller, and its music has been featured on many movie soundtracks, including Superman Returns and Spider-Man 3. The Australian industrial metal band called Screams of Chaos was known for its bizarre style that combined several extreme metal influences with industrial. The band achieved significant attention for Genetic War (1997), its only album, as leader Neil Johnson is a professional film maker. He shot numerous music videos for the songs on the album. Some of the videos caused controversy in Germany for featuring video material from World War II concentration camps. The late 1990s and early 2000s popular American shock rock group Rackets & Drapes was known to have elements of industrial metal, and achieved a wide following."

From Wikipedia.

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