Altered Existence

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Лидеры: nullklever и denoizer
Политика вступления: Свободная
Дата создания: 24 Апр 2008
Group for the musicians and listeners of Alter-X production.

Alter-X Promotion Project is a Russian association of digital labels, founded in 2008 by members of previous project .NBK Records: Seclorum, Denoizer and Nullklever.
(all .NBK Records releases available on

ALTER-X Labels:

Dedicated to extreme forms of rhythmic electronic music, such as rhythmic noise and some related.

X-Line (ex-NBKLine)
Dedicated to EBM, IDM and related electronic music. Probably the best description of music released by X-Line is crossover between EBM, IDM, Ambient and Downtempo with elements of other genres.

|Space-Time Continuum|
Dedicated to various forms of ambient music, mostly space-oriented.

(qaias) [closed url]
Dedicated to releasing of various abstract, odd, experimental rhythmic sounds. The word "qaias" is misspelled "qaas", which means "creature" in Enochian language.
The label is inactive since July 2008.

Members of ALTER-X:
Denoizer (production, management, promotion)
Nullklever (production, management, promotion)
Seclorum (founder, production core, management - left the group at December 2008)
ALTER-X is closed in October 2013.

If you like our labels and want to support us, you can make a donation via WebMoney:

Z600808582058 (USD)
E134794341364 (EUR)

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