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Суббота 29 апреля 2017Воскресенье 30 апреля 2017


De Vlessenhoeve
Meerhout, Belgium

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Here it is.

The first name for Groezrock 2017.

We are proud to announce that none other than the almighty Deftones will be headlining on Saturday 29 April. This marks the band’s first appearance at GROEZROCK. Expect a blistering show with songs from the band’s hugely successful release of their critically acclaimed new album “GORE”, along with many of their classics.

“One of the quintessential alternative bands of the modern era, Deftones, are in a class entirely of their own.” - The Independent

“An album that sounds like them and no-one else” - Kerrang!! KKKK

“Atmospherically bleak and beautiful” - Classic Rock Magazine 8/10

“They’re a rare metal band who understand that heavy needn’t necessarily mean oppressive. A complex and ultimately rewarding listen.” - The Guardian ****

“If you delight in being challenged, coerced and invited on a journey of oblique emotional mysticism, then GORE is going to be one of your favourite albums this year”
- Metal Hammer 9/10

“A beautifully dark album” - Q Magazine ****

Formed in 1988 in Sacramento, CA, Deftones have always been about reinventing themselves. From their 1995 debut album “Adrenalin” with the incendiary “7 Words”, over “White Pony” and up to 2010’s “Diamond Eyes”, they have been constantly pushing the envelope and morphing their sound into something all their own. No one else out there sounds quite like Deftones.

Since Deftones’ inception, the multiplatinum, Grammy-Winning alternative rock band have quietly been pursuing two paths, delivering songs defined by churning, double-fisted aggression while also testing the boundaries of music by incorporating elements of psychedelia and shoegaze. Deftones have released eight full length albums to date and have sold over 10 million albums worldwide.

Do not miss seeing this incredible band who are by FAR at the top of their game. Be sure to watch this awesome mini documentary over on FACT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYq3uBzdyw4 which shows you the band in performance at their epic show at Wembley Arena earlier this year.

Keep your eyes peeled for more names. We will be announcing them soon!

GROEZROCK tickets are on sale NOW at http://www.groezrock.be/tickets

More info: http://www.groezrock.be


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