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Everything We Know About Radiohead's Upcoming Album

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Radiohead have been notoriously tight-lipped about their future plans. It's been five years since their last album The King of Limbs, but with an upcoming tour and a flurry of high profile festival gigs, a new album can't be too far behind. Here's everything we know about the mysterious record.

Jack White's studio was involved in the recording process, but he wasn't

In an interview with the BBC, Jack White confirmed that the band did record new material at Third Man Records in Nashville back in 2012. While White claims he didn't perform or produce any of the music that was recorded, it's encouraging to learn new music does in fact exist.

The band knows where you live

Several UK fans received weird pamphlets in the mail that read "Sing a song of sixpence that goes/Burn the Witch/We know where you live" with the band's logo on it. Coming from anyone but Radiohead we'd be totally creeped by it.

"Burn the Witch" is also the name of a rumoured track from circa 2003-2005. Check out the audio teaser.

Burn the Witch: 43 Scrobbles

So when will it come out?

At an industry event Brian Message, a partner in Courtyard Management claimed the album "was like nothing you've ever heard" and would come out in June. Radiohead did their best to distance themselves from those remarks, noting the source as unofficial. However they did not outright deny them. Others are speculating the release date will come sooner than the summer, based on the name of a new company established by the band last October -- Dawn Chorus LLP. (The band has historically registered new business names before each major release. They formed Ticker Tape Ltd to distribute The King Of Limbs in 2011 and Xurbia Xendless Ltd prior to releasing 2007's In Rainbows.) The first Sunday of every May is known as International Dawn Chorus Day, the time of year when birds grow louder in the spirit of spring. The event was founded in 1984 by Urban Wildlife Trust, a British environmental charity and this year it takes place on May 1. Dawn Chorus might also allude to a track name too. Thom Yorke reportedly alluded to the title in 2009, though no audio appears to exist.

Dawn Chorus Day = Social Media Silence

While Dawn Chorus Day passed without an album release, something mysterious did happen -- the band went totally silent on all their social media accounts. Their entire internet presence, including their Facebook and Twitter page has practically been erased. Their own website is even blank. Instead of the tweets of birds becoming louder, the Tweets of the band became erased. Is this some weird ecological metaphor?

With all this talk about birds, it's going to be about nature, right?

Well, maybe? The band is no stranger to singing about environmental themes though. Thom Yorke performed several new tracks at the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris last December. While solo, he alluded to some absent instrumental portions written by Jonny Greenwood, which would imply they're a full-band effort. The songs were entitled "Desert Island Disk" and "Silent Spring" after Rachel Carson's ecologically influential tome from 1962. There's always a chance they'll make the record.
And speaking of "Silent Spring," perhaps the band's internet silence will end once spring does? The first day of summer is June 20, could it also be the day of a new album emerges? Silent Spring: 71 Scrobbles

Desert Island Disk: 37 Scrobbles

What other songs might be on it?

There are over a dozen unreleased Radiohead songs that have been played live over the years and because the band are notorious revisionists, some variation of them could appear on the new album. After all "Nude" was first teased in tour documentary Meeting People is Easy back in 1998, before it appeared on In Rainbows nearly a decade later. Here are handful of our favourite deep cuts that could easily appear on their next record. Identikit: 35,700 Scrobbles Big Boots: 38,800 Scrobbles
Follow Me Around: 86,700 Scrobbles

Look for a Paul Thomas Anderson-directed music video to accompany it

The acclaimed director almost-definitely filmed a music video for the band. Author-comedian Stefanie Wilder-Taylor discussed the film shoot at her home, on a now-deleted episode of her podcast For Crying Out Loud. According to Wilder-Taylor:

I come to the door with a scowl on my face and the guy says, "'I'm at home and there's a knock at the door. … There's a guy with a clipboard.Hey, we're in the neighborhood—we're going to be shooting a music video." So now, I'm thinking you're basically telling me—what happens a lot in my neighborhood, because it's a very typical suburban-looking neighborhood—I'm gonna be inconvenienced. … Then the guy goes, "It's Radiohead! Considering Jonny Greenwood has scored several of Anderson's films (including The Master, There Will Be Blood and Inherent Vice) it makes sense that he'd return the favor. Whatever the results of the collaboration, fans have good reason to be excited.

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