• Some lumberjack fronted Isis in the smoke o' Dälek

    19 nov 2009, 13:25 av zmajeee

    Mon 16 Nov – Isis zatvara n.o. jazz festival!

    Originally on Cephalochromoscope.

    Isis, Dälek, and Transitional played at Teatar &TD, Zagreb, Croatia this Monday. I went with a friend. At 14:15 we boarded a bus, rode to the highway, jumped over a fence, hitched a ride, and come 16:00 we were in Zagreb. As we empirically found out, the tickets were already sold out everywhere except at the venue's cash desk. Before the gig started, all five hundred and fifty were gone and you could see, hear, and feel people with desperate mad eyes looking to buy one. Lucky for us, we came early, no problem, beer and schnaps.

    Transitional had a big, tsunami sound, one on guitars / vocals, one on bass, and the lone drummer-in-a-laptop. I only heard the last three songs, though, but I did like it. Heavy heavy stuff, clear enough, a bit monotonous.

    Dälek was a two-piece this time, too. The Oktopus on the laptop, drinking wine, the MC rapping with sunglasses. …
  • Isis @ teatar itd (zapravo Red Sparowes info ;))

    17 nov 2009, 02:24 av PivoKolaStock

    Mon 16 Nov – Isis zatvara n.o. jazz festival!

    Kako opisati nastup Isisa? teško...
    energičan, strastven no istovremeno prepun malih trenutaka kontemplacije. Iskreno, ima tu svega, i to je u jednu ruku prava glazbena škola za svakoga tko se bavi glazbom... teško je to sažeti u nekoliko riječi, osim da se kaže da je to jednostavno Isis :)

    Bilo kako bilo nakon odličnog koncerta imao sam priliku (i čast) popričati sa Bryantom Cliffordom Meyerom, inače klavijaturistom i gitaristom Isisa ( i drugih bendova ;))

    V: Hey Cliff!
    Cliff: Hey!
    V: Hy, sorry to bother you but I've got a few really brief questions...Just wanted to ask you what is the situation with your new guitarist (op.a. Emma Ruth Rundle). I mean, I've read on the Red Sparowes Twitter page she's a real "guitar prodigy" - so what can we expect from the new album?

    Cliff: Well, the new abum is coming out next year and it's going to be something different...from the older stuff.