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Los Dregtones was a band from El Paso, Texas, led by Cedric Bixler-Zavala (vocals/drums), Ralph Jasso (guitar) and Jimmy Hernandez (bass). The line-up changed multiple times with Julio Venegas playing bass for a long duration while Hernandez was off at music school at the Atlanta Institute of Music in Atlanta, GA. Other members included Luis Prieto (Percussion), Brooks Miller (trumpet), Adam Young (drums), and Andrew McCoi (drums). In 1994, they released a demo recorded at Rosewood Studios by Mike Majors (produced by Sparta), titled Five Song Alibi. The style of the album was not unlike what lead singer Cedric Bixler would later perform with The Mars Volta; psychedelic rock, with hints of salsa, reggae, and occasional Led Zeppelin-esque guitar riffs, with punk rock. The cover and insert art was drawn by Julio Venegas, which features a six armed serpent women with a third eye and long ugly hair, and a symbol on the end of its tail that would later be used by Cedric and Omar Rodríguez-López on The Mars Volta's stickers, shirts, and other merchandise. Guitarist Ralph Jasso would later play bass briefly for The Mars Volta.

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