• Album review: Zos Kia - Transparent

    Jul 4 2006, 19h22 por Jester-NL

    Since somebody will have to do it, it hasn't been done before on the site and I think I have a bit of time to spare, I am going to write my personal review of the releases Coil has thrown at us thus far...
    I am going to let the discography at Brainwashed be my guide to have some sort of chronologic correct set of journal-entries. Furthermore I'd like to add that everything written in these entries is my personal opinion. Meaning I am not about to defend myself if anyone things me incorrect here. Of course, most sorts of comment are welcome ;)
    I would like to add beforehand that I am going to use the tracklist as per the 'most available CD' for a song by song review. One has to make decisions somewhere...

    The first album I am going to shed my personal light on is Transparent.

    [ 1] Sicktone
    [ 2] Baptism of Fire
    [ 3] Rape
    [ 4] Poisons
    [ 5] Truth
    [ 6] Sewn Open
    [ 7] Silence & Secrecy (section)
    [ 8] Here to Here (Double Headed Secret)