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In the Autumn of 2009, Antony Wolf decided to create a project bringing together all the diversity of nature, from its harshest, darkest and most chaotic environments, as magnificent as the cold of the boreal forests, the intense storms of the rainforests, from the calm to the violence of the rivers, subtlety and immensity green fields and the reflective strength and solitude of the mountains, so was born the Wolfolk. Mixing a combination of sound effects with simple acoustic guitar riffs, in order to bring this feeling to the listener approaching experience of being in one of these environments contemplating all its magnitude, and entering an introspective state of bioenergetic awareness.

In July 2009, Wolfolk begins with the EP "A Forest Of Sounds", featuring eight songs that blend the ambience of forest sounds intertwined with melancholy guitar riffs to perpetuate the vast extent of their beauty, bringing an introspective connection of the state with all its magnitude, in a synergy that tries to bring the experience of a journey through nature to the temptation of the almost mystical diversity of its wonderful biome.

Wolfolk is a simple project for an important legacy, non-profit and only in pursuit of the true essence, through individual awareness, self-reflection about life with nature, and respect for the strength of their designs to create a physical and spiritual connection with this essence, not only for the music, but for the state of virtue it employs in its philosophy. Thus was born the Wolfolk and thus he will die.

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