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  • Anos de atividade

    1994 – até o momento (24 anos)

Voluspaa got started in 1994 by Freddy Skogstad & Thomas Støen.

Late winter in the year 94 they recorded a demo called Volvenes spådom. On this demo there are 4 powerful songs in Viking & black metal feeling.

After a year of being on the road and writing new songs they went to the cemetery to record a new demo by the name T.Å.E.M.E.N. On this demo there is a more old school black metal sound with some Viking influence hanging over it.

Awhile after T.Å.E.M.E.N. was released, Voluspaa was laid on ice. Freddy was still making songs but does not publish anything

After several of years of selling the demo’s and good feedbacks, Freddy started the band up again himself. The music is still the same but with even more Viking & national romantic feeling than before.

In late of 2005 Voluspaa decides to sign a deal with Sonicdeath Armageddon. They publish the MCD T.Å.E.M.E.N. in 500 hand-numbered limited digipack editions, early of 2006.

2007-2008 two promos got released, En Tid Tilbake & Norwegian Metal.

In 2009 Voluspaa started to record the album Åsa. The album got very good reviews all over the world. So it seems like Åsa can connect to every kind of people listening to metal. Åsa got released through the Australian label, Aurora Australis Records, in 2010.

2011 Voluspaa and their fellow Norwegian friend and producer, Myrkgrav, decides to release a 7” vinyl spilt through the German label Einheit Production.

Voluspaa has raised themselves out of the ashes of the burning Norwegian churches and is ready to fight and defend the Norwegian country……..HAIL NORWAY!

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