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  • Anos de atividade

    2008 – até o momento (10 anos)

Vinterblot is an Italian band dedicated to represent the most arcane, esoteric and pagan traits of European culture. By means of an archetipical language, Vinterblot aims to re-enact the old chant that once connected earthly and mystical worlds, human spirit and divinity.

The band was founded during winter MMVIII by a group of young men, passionate about hiking in the Apulian woods. They grew up immersed in both the melancholy and the majesty sung by the bards of 80-90's, such as Bathory, Entombed, Bolt Thrower, Emperor and Enslaved. So far, Black and Death metal have inspired them to pursue a unique blend of genres, bound together by a marked inclination for melody.

With two full-length studio Albums and one EP, they still persevere on their musical path, enhancing their human and magical knowledge.
More moons will come…

- - - - -

After a first self-produced EP, "For Asgard" (2010), Vinterblot released their debut Full-Length Album "Nether Collapse" (2012) for Rising Records UK. In 2014 Vinterblot released a new Single/Music Video named "Triumph Recalls My Name" and signed to the Irish Label Nemeton Records.

Their second Full-Length Album "Realms of the Untold", mixed and mastered by the legendary swedish Producer and Artist Dan Swanö (Opeth, Dissection, Edge of Sanity, etc.) has been released in 2016 through Nemeton Records. "Realms of the Untold" has been acclaimed by international press and was rated "Top Album" by Metal Hammer Italy.

During April 2017 the Band won the Inferno Metal Festival international contest, performing live for the first time in Norway.

Vinterblot shared the stage with: Entombed (SE), Carcass (UK), Abbath (NO), Gorgoroth (NO), Moonsorrow (FI), Taake (NO), Primordial (IRL) Helheim (NO), Belphegor (AT), Arkona (RU), Venom Inc. (UK), Obituary (USA), Sinister (NE), Vreid/Windir/Ulcus (NO), Pillorian (CAN), Samael (CH), Crowbar (USA), Novembre (IT) and Many Others.

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