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A BOY IS A GUN” is the 7th track, and was first teased in a 28-second snippet posted by Tyler on May 13th, 2019. It is one of the softer cuts on the album with the chorus featuring prominent use of a soul sample, and glittery synths and keys littered through out the background.

Throughout the song, Tyler compares being with his love interest with gun ownership in a few interesting ways.

The 1st verse describes how Tyler is both aware that owning a gun/being with this person is dangerous and probably unhealthy, but at the same time he feels the need for security because of his wealth and success. He feels safer with the gun/person, even if he pays a price in doing so.

In the 2nd verse, Tyler explores the ways in which he can flip flop even moment to moment when it comes to whether he wants the gun/person or would rather get rid of it/them.

In the 3rd verse, Tyler discusses the stigma that he feels because of his position. Clearly his friends or family do not approve of his gun ownership/relationship, and he in turns agrees with them and feels defiant towards them.

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