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Evolving from the beginning of the new century, offered a huge resource for musical experiments right from its first days. Reducing the speed and the amount of sound effects, focusing on rhythm structures and single melodies but keeping up the deep and trancy atmosphere, it were mostly North European and Israeli producers that formed and evolved this style. As the name of this genre already reveals, Progressive is an ever evolving and modifying style. While some producers remained ata certain stadium of this sound and developed mostly concerning the production quality from there on, others broke new grounds again and turned to the interesting possibilities of modern club music. This is exactly the point when True Lies came to life: Having already loads of experience and a vast background in the scene as DJ team Montagu & Golkonda, producing under the moniker Symphonix, promoting events like Tshitraka festival and also running the successful label Blue Tunes records, brothers Stefan and Sirko Wotanowski from North Germany felt the desire to explore some new soundscapes again and founded the project. The musical style of True Lies obtains influences from various electronic music genres and synthesizes something outstanding and unique from it. Reduced sounds, forcing rhythms and crystal clear productions aim the body of the dancers and deliver up-to-date club music. On the other hand there still is psychedelic potential in this sound, the background is audible subtle but very distinct. Quotations from , and are conflated to a very special kind of hybrid style, taking up the recent developments of electronic dance music. No doubt, the long-year experience as DJs and producers as well as the absolute music addiction of the two dudes behind this project made something pretty outstanding. In consequence True Lies earned reputation from different scenes: Their releases can be found both in the cases of modern DJs and lovers, hailing from a totally different background. True Lies have already rocked countless dance floors all over the world and there still is a lot of potential to look forward for as the history of this act implies.

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