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Bio / Discography

Project inspired in Dark Feelings: the band started in the middle of 2014 when Gabriel Kalb’s shared some original darkwave tracks which was transformed by CarbonKid87 in Dark Ambient/DSBM.


Tristeza Infinita first apparition was in 10/05/2015 on the Plataforma Records release PLATAREC150 "V.A. - Filhos Bastardos de Euterpe" with the song “Judas Neoliberal”.

10/22/2015 - First single, “Afogamento Moral/Moral Drowning” was released by label Lunare Music on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

11/30/2015 - Plataforma Records was celebrating its second year of existence and release the compilation “PLATAREC158 - V.A - Sim, nós somos estranhos” wich song “Forjador de Deu$ / God$ Forger” appear.

In 12/21/2015 the first album was released on Bandcamp. The tracks originally produced by Gabriel Kalb sounded like darkwave, but with declaimed reflective lyrics, distressed vocals, dissonant guitars and mixing work by CarbonKi87, it changed and sounded more alternative and Dark Ambient. The 11 tracks album contains heavy and depressive poetry, few doomed guitars in some of tracks and many field recordings, as exorcisms and hate speech captured inside evangelical churches. Leonel Braz took the polemic picture of the cover art and Guilherme Maschke mastered the album.


02/04/2016 the band appears on Blog Cultura Dissonante.
April, 2016 30 handmade copies of the album was announced by Leonel Braz. May 2016, half copies of cds has an alternative cover art by Jai T Junior.
05/30/2016 the song “Devoured by Europe/Devorados Pela Europa” appear on the compilation “V.A. Resistance: ANTI​-​NSBM Volume 4” released by The Dark Sky Above Us Collective owned by Semirutarum Urbium Cadavera (NoBlog).


11/25/2017 New single released on Bandcamp, “Tristeza do Infinito” is dedicated to the brazilian simbilist poet Cruz e Sousa. The homonym poem is recited anguishedly by CarbonKid87’s vocals, illustrating the Gabriel Kalb’s devastating song.


03/12/2018 - The single “Tristeza do Infinito” appear on two versions of the collaborative compilation “V.A. Universos Paralelos - Vol. 1”produced by the labels Lunare Music (Brazil version) and ANTI-DEMOS-CRACIA (Portugual version).

03/12/2018 New single released on Bandcamp, “Mortalhas & Paixões/ Shrouds and Passions”.

03/28/2018 The song “Afogamento Moral/Moral Drowning” was played live as soundtrack for the BDSM performance by Dominatrix Domme Sakrador.


Gabriel Kalb left the band. CarbonKid87 still working alone.

March - All 13 songs produced by the band was compilled and released as k7 tapes by the Ukranian label Vibrio Cholerae Records and sold/distributed by Depressive Illusion Records. The cover art have to change for the country moral reasons.

09/13/2020 - CarbonKid87 spoke some words about the new album.

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