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Tom Road is a persona of António Gomes (aka Miguel Silva).

For a few years, he was playing music in a lot of places in Portugal, that's the motive he decides to use the surname Road (he is on the Road to somewhere always ….).

He has learned music early in time, but it was only in the final part of adolescence that he was looked to music with more interest. First, he was working as a musician at weddings and parties, then he found the pleasure to create original songs. Along with the other two musicians: Joel and Jorge we made a few original songs at beginning of the '90s. Later, they split, and when he was introduced to digital media, quickly install a home-studio to create original music and follow his dream.

Since early 2012, his work has increased significantly with the collaboration of Nuno Esperto. By the end of 2017, he has more than 3000 titles in progress, only a few are available on digital platforms. Sooner you can find new titles on a more regular basis.

The titles can listen to all the platforms and if you wish you can purchase them for your personal use in physical or digital format contact the author at

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