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    Ago 18 2006, 20h25 por coxon

    Time for Another PDP CD Mix Exchange! If you are wondering wtf is a PDP mix exchange you can read up on it and meet everyone at
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    Here we go!

    Found this on one of cds that come free with magazines. Timebox were from the UK and were only together from 66-69. Apparently they had a 16 yr old drummer. This song is a cover. I'll let you find the original.

    Francesca-Special Needs
    I love this band. I love all these bands! The Special Needs (who go by just the Needs now) were signed to Alan Mcgee's Poptones Records. I picked up this song on a Poptones sampler called "The Cassette Played Poptones". I bought it at the good ole Virgin in Vancouver. Almost ever track is good. Worth the digging.

    Dirty Mind-Pipettes
    One of the best new bands in the last 2 years. On Memphis Industries Records out of the UK. …

    Ago 15 2006, 20h44 por sexy_sadie

    I was thinking for a long time to comment somehow on those charts, but couldn't bring myself to it, of course. Let's see now those Top 10 artists. Hmm. Familiar faces all around, as they say. The Foundations are a good and charitable soul band from 60's, crazy_zhilkin recommended them to me, and he rarely makes a blunder. The Fall I needed to listen to - yeah, it's that time of the month again, why must it bother someone? The Chi-Lites - smashing psychodelic soul guys from whom Jay-Z took that sample for "Crazy In Love". Terry Callier was on (instead of Marvin Gaye, I'm sick of him for now), when things were gettin to hot in my flat - and on the last week they did get too hot a couple of times. Suede - yeah, well, I endulged myself in Head Music and New Morning B-sides, and was pleased as pig in shit. It helped, though, getting them into Top 50 bands in my chart - they surpassed Brigitte Bardo and Sonic Youth, what can you say? Paul Weller's B-sides sounded quite good…