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  • Data de nascimento

    30 Maio 1967 (idade 50)

  • Local de nascimento

    Salford, Salford, Greater Manchester, England, Reino Unido

Timothy Allan Burgess (born 30 May 1967, Salford, England) is the lead singer of the British rock/indie act The Charlatans. Despite being born in Salford he grew up mostly in Northwich, Cheshire.

He joined The Charlatans who were largely influenced by Acid House, '60s West Coast Psychedelia and the Syd Barrett Pink Floyd era. In 1989 they released their first self financed 12" single Indian Rope and later in 1990 he and the band were signed by Beggars Banquet Records. Prior to this he was the lead singer in The Electric Crayons (named after the Bam Caruso's record label Psychedelic Compilation Album - The Electric Crayon Set).

Burgess also featured on Saint Etienne's 1993 Christmas single I Was Born on Christmas Day after agreeing to sing on the track because he apparently loved Christmas so much.

Burgess's debut solo album, I Believe, was released in the UK on 8 September 2003 and included the track Oh My Corazon. In 2004 he collaborated with The Chemical Brothers, singing on the track The Boxer from their album Push the Button. Burgess had previously appeared with The Chemical Brothers on the 1995 classic Life Is Sweet taken from their debut album Exit Planet Dust and a cover version of Sly Stone’s Time for Living from the Help album of the same year.

As Burgess was living in Los Angeles, California, far away from the other band members who still lived in England, fans feared that The Charlatans may split following the release of I Believe, but the band reformed to record Up at the Lake in 2004.

2006 saw Burgess return with the Charlatans, releasing another album Simpatico. A change in style, it had a more reggae and ska-like sound to it. Burgess also sang guest vocals on Mexican band Zoé's album Memo Rex Commander y el Corazón Atómico de la Vía Láctea.

Burgess is also a member of a group called The Chavs, along with ex-Libertine Carl Barât, Primal Scream keyboard player Martin Duffy, ex Razorlight drummer Andy Burrows and newest member Jamie Reynolds from Klaxons. The band traditionally plays once every blue moon. The first gig was the Tap'n'Tin club in Chatham, Kent, the second at the strummerville stage at Glastonbury and the third on Alan Mcgee's TV show, Death Disco TV. Though Burgess has stated that the band does have plans to record their debut album in August '09.

In October 2007 The Charlatans controversially announced they were to give away their 10th album You Cross My Path for free, sending the record industry into extreme confusion, most critics and fans believed it was also their best album to date.

Burgess is an obsessive record collector and DJs all over the world. He recently re-mixed the song The Tears for his friend Noel Feilding's girlfriend's band Robots in Disguise.

Upcoming projects include collaborations with ex-New Order member Peter Hook's Freebass, a guest spot on Joaquin Phoenix's rap album and Italian ghetto-tech duo The Crookers appear in 2009 as well as credit of Producer for new London band Hatcham Social, working with them on their double A single Til The Dawn/Penelope (Under My Hat) and debut album - You Dig The Tunnel And I'll Hide The Soil released in march 2009.

Tim Burgess has curated a stage at the Isle of Wight Festival 2009. The line up includes SCUM and The Horrors. This was heard live on Q Radio Drive with Danielle (Danielle Perry).

Burgess is also currently writing and recording an album with friends and relatives which he feels the natural successor to I Believe.

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