• Bands I've Seen Live

    Mar 21 2010, 20h33 por cruz992

    The venues are in San Francisco, Ca unless noted. Will add comments later. If you have comments, just message me or give me a shout.

    Acetone 11.24.93 Slim's
    Adamski 6.27.90 I-Beam
    American Music Club 5.3.93 Slim's
    Armoured Saint Central Park Bandshell La Palma,Ca
    The Auteurs 4.22.93 Paradise Lounge
    Beachwood Sparks Bottom Of The Hill
    Beachwood Sparks Slim's
    Beat Farmers 8.11.90 Slim's(First Set)
    Beck 4.18.94 Slim's
    Adrian Belew 9.16.89 Jones Beach Amphitheatre Wantagh,NY
    Adrian Belew 9.17.89 Garden State Arts Center Holmdel,NJ
    The Bel-Fires LA Street Scene LA,Ca
    Belly 4.13.93 Slim's(First Show)
    Bettie Serveert 10.17.93 Great American Music Hall
    Bettie Serveert 4.6.93 Club Oasis San Jose,Ca
    Bettie Serveert The Fillmore
    Beulah Bimbo's
    The Black Watch 2.17.94 Bottom Of The Hill
    Blake Babies 2.11.91 Slim's
    Blood on the Saddle LA Street Scene LA,Ca
    Blow-Up The Roxy Hollywood,Ca
    The Blue Aeroplanes 7.1.90 The Warfield
    Blue Nile 8.1.90 Great American Music Hall
    The Bluetones 9.11.96 Bottom Of The Hill
  • Top 15 of the 2000s

    Dez 7 2009, 0h23 por heatherc

    There are far too many great albums that I left off my top of the decade list, but I can't see not including anything I have here. These are the albums I have listened to most, which seems the surest indicator of favorite. I couldn't bring myself to go so far as to limit each artist to one album, but in an effort to avoid seeming like a complete obsessive and to get more great artists on the list, I did limit it to two. No 2009 albums and I was extra hard on 2008. This was out of a pool of 1,185 full-length, studio albums I own, which were released between 2000-2008.

    1.Okkervil River - Don't Fall in Love With Everyone You See (2002)
    From the attention-grabbing opening lines of “Red is my favorite color; red like your mother’s eyes after awhile of crying about how you don’t love her,” through the modern murder ballad classic of "Westfall" and finishing with birds tweeting along the desolate Okkervil River, this is a perfect album. …
  • Bands I've Seen Live (Part 5)

    Dez 26 2007, 23h21 por cruz992

    Wherein I list with the aid of my shaky memory the bands I've seen live in concert with a short recollection accompanying. This list will be updated little by little.

    The Replacements @ The Roxy-I believe this was the first show I saw after I turned 18. All original members of the band were present here. I don't think this was the famous shambolic show the Mats played as an F.U. to the record execs who were wining and dining them (though it was a sloppy show, it didn't seem as if it was a complete disaster). I do remember it ending with Bob Stinson and a roadie leading the band on a rendition of "Rock And Roll All Nite". I guess the band didn't get along with openers Thelonious Monster, since they made fun of them a couple of times. I recall I bought a brand new flannel shirt (remember when those were in fashion?) to wear at the show in honor of Minneapolis' favorite sons.
    My friend Gilbert was kind of worried for a couple of days after the show when the ringing in his ears didn't subside (it went away eventually).
  • Discovering New Music

    Fev 16 2007, 20h03 por heatherc

    Someone recently asked me where I learn of the music I listen to. My immediate thought was I'm like a sponge, absorbing everything. But then I realized that I am discriminating -- I don't pick up everything -- so that probably wasn't the best analogy, but it did get me thinking how all-over the place my musical awareness comes from. So I thought I'd go through my top 20 artists and determine where I heard of them; figure out if one place was more prevalent than another.

    1 Okkervil River - As one of my favorite artists of all-time, it really bothers me that I have no idea where I heard of them. I know that I bought Don't Fall In Love With Everyone You See shortly after it came out because I have a message I wrote to postcard in April 2002 that mentions it was a great release of the first quarter. I'm also fairly certain that the first thing I heard from them was when I bought the album, which means I read about them rather than heard them.

  • Lesser known artists

    Jan 19 2007, 3h12 por heatherc

    I got the idea of writing this when I stumbled across two last.fm pages earlier today. One was someone who did one of those quizzes. This was a "how mainstream are you" which involved looking at how many listeners your top 20 artists had (then for some reason you were supposed to divide the average by the number of Coldplay listeners; I guess they're supposed to be the ultimate mainstream artist or something). The other was a last.fm group that was titled something like recommending unknown artists. So I've decided to do a very brief write up of the eight artists in my top 20 that have less than 1,000 listeners.

    3. Will Sheff - Well, it's understandable why this one has so few listeners, and it doesn't need much write up. There are so few of us because it would have to be people that have unofficial solo recordings (live shows or radio programs) that we've bothered to tag. He is the songwriter and singer for the indie-folk-rock band Okkervil River. …
  • Mainstream Test?

    Mai 1 2006, 9h09 por awesomeguy49

    John Frusciante 24,222
    Red Hot Chili Peppers 242,721
    +/- 4,647
    The Strokes 152,966
    The Bicycle Thief 217
    Wolfmother 7,814
    Elliot Smith 126,678
    The White Stripes 226,337
    Thelonious Monster 156
    The Shins 149,303
    My Total 935,061
    My Average 93,506

    Last.FM Average 231,930
    My Mainstreamness (40%) .4032