• Rites 2007 (Update: Full Review)

    Abr 18 2007, 7h09 por laura_mac

    So here it is: the Fri 20 Apr – Rites of Spring Recap Board. I can't believe it's been a whole year since last year's incredible festival (see my journal archives for that). Anyway, here is this year's schedule. Check back on Sunday-ish for reviews of everyone I saw.

    Battle of the Bands Winner - missed it
    Jypsi - missed it
    The Dynamites feat. Charles Walker - missed it
    Brett Dennen - saw most of his set. This guy has a pretty good voice but a fucking awful stage presence. He has a literal mop of red hair--you can't see his eyes at all--and makes comments like "It's biodegradable!" apropos of nothing. Good set, though, before most of the crowd (which seemed, on average, taller than usual. I'm only 5'4") had gotten there and I could still see the stage.
    The Whigs - Easily the most enjoyable music of the night. These guys are super talented and deserve some recognition. At the end of their set I quickly headed off to the merch tent to get their CD, but to my surprise there was no line. …