• My Poor Liver: The Hold Steady, Sep. 27, Lee's Palace, Toronto

    Set 30 2009, 16h02 por Rockstar_Aimz

    Sun 27 Sep – The Hold Steady, Still Life Still

    There are so many reasons why I love The Hold Steady. One, the band members are my age, so they are old enough to know better. Second, the lead singer/songwriter and lead guitarist grew up in the upper Midwest and often reference their geography in their songs. I also grew up in the upper Midwest, so I get the references. Thrice, their music is obviously highly influenced by 1980s college radio, which I listened to obsessively as a teenager. Combine these facts and you can see why I love their music.

    I have lived/am currently living some of their lyrics. "...and the early 7Seconds taught me some of life's most valuable lessons..." (Stay Positive) I used to lie to my parents about going to 7Seconds shows and get home after curfew and get my ass kicked. "...I said it's great to see you're still in the bars..." (Barfruit Blues) 99 out of 100 times when I am out at the bars, I am the oldest one there. "...we kissed in your car and drank from your purse. …
  • Stuck Between Rockstars

    Nov 13 2008, 4h11 por Rockstar_Aimz

    Tue 11 Nov – The Hold Steady, Drive-By Truckers

    Bad haircuts. Geeky glasses. Horrible fashion sense. Am I describing myself or the rock band, The Hold Steady? The answer is "Yes" (except for keyboardist Franz Nicolay - that dude is stylin'!). But don't ever accuse the dorks (or their nerdy fans) of not bringing the rock.

    I have to admit that when I found out that two of the best live bands that I had ever seen were touring together, I peed my pants a little in excitement. The Hold Steady and the Drive-By Truckers are touring together this fall on the "Rock and Roll Means Well" tour, the line taken out of the Trucker's song Marry Me. The two bands are alternating headline acts, with The Hold Steady opening in Toronto at the Phoenix Concert Hall.

    They kicked open their set with Stuck Between Stations from their epic 2006 album Boys And Girls In America, and rocked many tracks off of their latest release Stay Positive. In addition they played many songs from their older albums, much to my delight. …
  • some songs amaze me / part one.

    Jan 26 2007, 2h15 por vandaleyes

    A few songs I've been listening to a lot lately that make me say WOW:

    Certain Songs

    i guess you're old enough to know. kids out on the east coast. roughly twenty years old. got coaxed out by a certain perfect ratio. of warm beer to the summer smoke. and the meat loaf to the billy joel. certain songs they get so scratched into our souls.

    she goes low on the seats when she gets high in her car. she looks shallow but shes neck deep in the steamy dreams of the guys along the harbor bars. she's pulling out her shirttails and jacking up her socks. stern and stoned and confident, coming up towards the jukebox. born into the only songs that everybody finally sings along. b-1 is for the good girls. it's only the good die young. c-9 is for the making eyes. it's paradise by the dashboard light. d4 is for the lovers. b12 is for the speeders. and the hard drugs are for the bartenders and the kitchen workers and the bartender's friends. and they're playing it again. …
  • "We Are The Walruses" #1

    Set 13 2006, 5h22 por Zack_F

    So I have a 1-hour radio show at my college radio station - that's Reed College in Portland, Oregon's KRRC 97.9 FM. In the highly improbable event that another Reed student or someone in the Eastmoreland neighborhood of Portland comes across this entry, I'm on the air from 6-7 pm Tuesdays.

    Although I'm going to get more creative as I get more experienced and get used to being on the air, I'm starting out with 100% music. Here's the playlist from my first show:

    Most People Are DJs (I thought this was a clever way to start my career...so shoot me. At least I didn't call the show "Killed by Video" or something along those lines.)
    Shoot the Singer (1 Sick Verse)
    Up the River
    On a Neck, On a Spit
    Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa (Sad Song)
    Engwish Bwudd
    Formed a Band
    I'm straight
    I Get Around
    A minha menina
    Beanbag Chair