• The Daysleepers’ New Album: Drowned In a Sea of Sound

    Jun 18 2008, 23h12 por ribbonz

    I’ve discovered The Daysleepers on shoegaze tag radio of Last.fm. Since then, it’s become one of my favourite shoegaze bands. I couldn’t stop listening to “Big Sleep” from Hide Your Eyes EP. The long awaited album, “Drowned In a Sea of Sound” is released in May with a gorgeous cover and even the title of the album proves the musical refinement of the band. Some fans claimed it was not as melodic as the EPs of the band, but frankly speaking I was expecting this from The Daysleepers; a heavy and traumatic work which never looked like summer albums of major labels. I’m pleased I’m not disappointed. Tracks like "Run", "Release the Kraken", and "Twilight Bloom" are easy to fall in love with. Especially "Release the Kraken" ... Drowned In a Sea of Sound’s a very promising first full-length release.

    Well, there’s one other issue... I’ve learned that because of this release, one of my favourite shoegaze blogs’ve faced the danger of being shut down. …