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The album was promoted by two singles. The lead single, "Chase" appeared on the Transporter 2 soundtrack. The video for The Cinematics' second single, "Break", featured a guest appearance by Chris Cain, bassist from Californian band We Are Scientists.

The track "Rise and Fall" appeared in the 2011 Hollywood box office hit What's Your Number?, starring Anna Farris, Chris Evans and British actor Martin Freeman.

All songs written by The Cinematics, except "Sunday Sun" written by Beck.

1. "Race to the City" – 3:52
2. "Break" – 4:01
3. "A Strange Education" – 5:24
4. "Human" – 4:27
5. "Chase" – 4:14
6. "Rise & Fall" – 4:50
7. "Sunday Sun" – 4:02
8. "Keep Forgetting" – 3:58
9. "Ready Now" – 4:22
10. "Maybe Someday" – 3:23
11. "Alright" – 4:08
12. "Asleep at the Wheel" – 6:05
13. "Home" (Hidden Track) – 4:29
14. "Box" (iTunes Bonus Track) – 4:15

Released: March 6, 2007
Recorded: Real World Studios /
Bryn Derwen Studios
Genre: Post-punk revival, indie rock
Length: 57:15
Label: TVT Records
Producer: Stephen Hague

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