• 10 Tracks Contest!

    Ago 6 2007, 23h10 por redhalo

    I went to my dashboard and was pleasantly surprised to find all 15 of my friends just listened spots occupied with "just listened". First time I'd seen this in the year that I've been here!

    They have been chosen as contestants in my 10 Tracks contest.

    Fear not there is no physical activity on your part involved. All you have to do is hope the first ten songs played on your radio score enough points to achieve the highest score.

    Artists will be rated based on my top 500 artists as such:

    Artists that appear between 1 and 100 will be given 10 points
    Artists that appear between 101 and 200 will be given 7 points
    Artists that appear between 201 and 300 will be given 5 points
    Artists that appear between 301 and 400 will be given 3 points
    Artists that appear between 401 and 500 will be given 1 points

    Artists that do not appear on my list will be disqualified and not eligible for any points whatsoever!
    However, I have captured a list of bonus artists/song (by any artist)…