• We Believe Vol.2

    Jan 19 2008, 15h01 por Records912


    9.12 Records and affiliated artists take pride in presenting We Believe Vol.2!

    We Believe Vol.2 is comprised of tracks kindly contributed by the involved artists, and a portion of all proceeds will be donated to War Child Canada, which is dedicated to helping war-affected children throughout the world. Founded in 1999, War Child has been active in generating awareness, support and action for children’s rights everywhere.

    Standing behind their continuing promise to provide unique exposure to artists and create new audiences, 9.12’s Jean-François Mercier handpicked an enticing and exiting selection of music by artists including Efterklang (Leaf, Rumraket), Lali Puna (Morr), Clogs (Brassland), Jatun (Other Electricities), Port Royal (Resonant), Cybo3 and 9.12 artists Apjiw, Temjiin, Dedo and The Banjo Consortium.

    Since its founding, Sherbrooke, Quebec-based 9.12 has earned a reputation for releasing interesting and engaging new independent music that is not bound by genre or style. …
  • Compilation vol.1

    Fev 12 2007, 6h59 por Records912

    Hi everyone.
    Our compilation vol.1 will be released March 30th.
    Don't miss it. Here are the artists that will appear
    on it.
    The Banjo Consorsium
    Haruka Nakamura
    Life whithout dreams
    The If
    Tim Kane
    yuri miyauchi
    Channel In Channel Out
    Drew Fortson
    Shaun K. Aderson
    Jeff Taylor
    Dane Spacey
  • The Banjo Consorsium - LE DEBUT

    Abr 9 2006, 19h59 por japh

    What do you do when you are fed up with listening to neo-folk but don't want to get back on glitch/idm? Just check out the Banjo Consorsium on Seedsound. Jacques-Philippe Lemieux Leblanc not only succeeds in bringing together folk and dancefloor, he also does it in a nice way with a lot of feeling and excellent taste. Never overladden by neither folk mystics nor dancebeats each of the six songs expresses a refined approach. Nothing seems to be out of place here, yet coherence doesn't take over up to the point of shallowness. Playing all the instruments himself (and there are loads), the Canadian never seems to get lost in detail. And it's the details apart from the quite hooky tunes that make this release one of the few which is worth listening to over and over again.