• April show on Dandelion - Featured EP: 'Eponmously Titled' by Tenaka

    Abr 18 2009, 18h01 por Unwashed

    Featured EP – ‘Eponymously Titled’ by Tenaka

    I can’t remember where I heard of Tenaka. Certainly this wasn’t someone who approached me. Possibly through some blog or other. But his myspace player has probably got the best material on it on the whole of the web at the moment, so hopefully if you’ve not done so already, you’ll either read this or hear him on my April Dandelion show and find out some more. And what that player basically contains are the tracks from the incredible Eponymously Titled EP.

    I’m playing ‘Alaskan’ on the show, a fine piece of pulsy, rhythmic electronica that builds around an acoustic guitar riff so sensitively performed you can almost feel the chord changes. Then there are these watery sounds, and a fish jumping. Or something. Then children playing. Then something that sounds like panpipes but probably isn’t

    The combinations he weaves in this stuff are fascinating, and it moves up to another level when you listen to the EP as a whole. …