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fore changing their name to Ten Foot Pole in the early 1990s, the band included nardcore punk members Scott Radinsky and Dennis Jagard. The band released two albums under their new name with the old lineup: Swill and Rev. After the release of Rev and a split EP with Sweden's Satanic Surfers, Scott was forced to leave the band due to his professional baseball commitments and Ten Foot Pole's desire to be a full-time touring band. The next album, Unleashed, featured Jagard on guitar/vocals and was a hit with fans. The follow up was Insider before the band was dropped by Epitaph. The band rebounded after the death of a band member to release Bad Mother Trucker on Victory Records. Here they teamed up with Kevin Ruggeri, their new drummer. However, he soon left the band due to his teaching commitments. Kevin currently teaches at Conestoga High School in Pennsylvania. After parting ways with Victory, they were signed to Go-Kart Records and released Subliminable Messages in 2004. Bass player Mike Levy is currently married and is a Junior Varsity baseball coach for the Culver City High School Centaurs as well as a Social Studies teacher for Culver City Middle School in Culver City, CA. Lead singer Dennis is currently a sound engineer for Prince.

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