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Tash Parker is a young musician originally from the remote town of Kununurra in the North East Kimberley area of Western Australia. In 2007 Tash relocated to Melbourne to pursue her music career and she is now based in a small beach side community on the Mornington Peninsula.
Tash has been writing, playing and performing her original songs since she first picked up an acoustic guitar in 2002. Although many of her songs have a folk/pop element Tash is constantly challenging the boundaries of contemporary folk and pop music and this is demonstrated in her more recent recordings. From the bluesy “Baby All The Time”, to the vocally dynamic “The Mourning”, to the gentle whisper of “When it Rains” she weaves her thoughtful lyrics through unexpected melodic progressions that captivate on first listen.
Her major musical influences include Joni Mitchell and Suzane Vega, while more recently Feist, Holly Throsby and Emiliana Torini have inspired. Despite this, Tash has a style entirely distinct from these established artists; a sound not limited by the boundary of one specific genre of music. There are elements of jazz, folk and pop in Tash’s songs, but they are merely signposts on a tour into a special musical territory she defines as she goes.
Listening to Tash Parker is like stumbling across a secret patch of serenity in the middle of a crowded city. Part of you wants to call a friend, to tell them about your discovery, but another voice in the back of your head tells you to keep the place a secret, keep it yours. Only picking up the guitar as a teenager, Tash quickly wowed contemporaries and was invited at the age of eighteen to support the Waifs. She learned the national and international touring ropes by working for Gotye as a drum tech (her partner is Wally de Backer, aka Gotye) and has herself toured extensively up and down the East Coast, playing at the Troubadour and the Joynt in Brisbane; as well as Notes, Raval, the Brass Monkey and Old Manly Boat Shed in Sydney. Her lyrics are deeply personal, yet somehow familiar, and the arrangements are original without being exclusive. Like all quality artists, Tash grabs you upon first listen and then shakes you upon second, third and fourth listens. In this sense, her music simultaneously works on two levels; at surface, it's fun and poppy; at bottom, it's powerfully evocative art. Having supported Paul Greene, Liz Stringer, the Basics and Tin Pan Orange, and played on the same stages as Kate Ceberano, Bondi Cigars, Mental as Anything and various others, Tash is mature in musical wisdom well beyond her young age. Born in Perth and raised on a tropical fruit farm in the Kimberley, Tash's past lends itself to her music.

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