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Around three years ago, at the age of 26, Tami T was working on a factory production line in Gothenburg. The Swedish artist had dabbled in skate punk bands as a teenager, and began learning how to produce at the age of 18, but she was no longer making music — until she abruptly decided to quit and move to Leipzig, Germany. It was there, holed up alone and working on her craft, that she began making glittering electronica under the name Tami Tamaki (which she would later shorten, in March 2016, to Tami T). Now based in Berlin, Tami produces tracks that soar and surge with their experimental-pop synth patterns, magpie-picking from trance, house, and chart pop music to make songs as emotionally brutal as they are fun to dance to. Plus, her live show is the most transfixing around, featuring a self-built instrument that she wears like a strap-on and plays like a drum.

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