• Dear Diary...

    Mai 29 2008, 15h59 por Jinnocence

    Did I say yesterday that the project will be in near future? Somehow I missed that near future was TODAY! Well, of course I was totally unprepared, totally in a bad hair day and totally pissed already for having to go to school! Well, I didn't find my class and when I eventually found one of my friends, they told me that I have to be in that certain room and when I went there, Lachelle was all over Pierre... I just can't believe it! I sat down, not smiling at all and stuff, just being all grumpy. Eventually that other guy in our group handed me some paper that gave us the exercises... Well, I read it so closely I don't even rememeber any of them, I just had to watch how little Blondie was all over him, constantly talking to him, constantly babling about whatever, I don't know, but I'm still all mad about that and I wish... I mean, really... *grrrrrrrrrrr* Just makes me all mad thinking about that and thinking about the fact that I have to watch them again tomorrow... Just... …
  • The 5000th song I have listened to

    Set 9 2007, 15h28 por Love_Fulfilled


    Up to the 6000th!!
  • Lyrics Game

    Ago 19 2007, 21h19 por Chrischan87

    Step 1: Put your player on shuffle.
    Step 2: Post the first lines from the first 30 songs that play, no matter how embarrasing.
    Step 3: Bold out the songs when someone guessed correctly.
    Step 4: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!

    1. Free is all you gotta be, dream dreams no one else can see, sometimes ya wanna run away, but ya never know what might be comin round your way.

    2. Spineless from the start, sucked into the part. Circus comes to town, you play the lead clown.
    Metallica - Leper Messiah

    3. You woke up to hate your life again, feeling it's all been said and seen today.
    Sunrise Avenue - Diamonds

    4. Das erste Lied des Tages ist nur selten wirklich gut. Dies ist eine Weisheit, die auf Tatsachen beruht.
    Bela B. - Lee Hazlewood & das erste Lied des Tages

    5. The world is my expense, the cost of my desire, Jesus blessed me with its future, and I protect it with fire.
    Rage Against the Machine - Sleep Now in the Fire