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STRUGGLE SESSION is born from a love of all kinds of hardcore-punk from the 80s, 90s, and 00s mixed with the intensity of extreme metal. It is fast, it is chaotic, it is fun! They live by the motto “no stage is the best stage,” feeling more at home out in the audience — and more comfortable with most of their clothes on the floor. STRUGGLE SESSION is “self-criticism-core” at its most intense, soundtracking any room with maximum destruction, putting all they have into each performance and leaving the audience a sweaty, heaving mess.
The vocalist Oliver leaps on and off the stage in a frenzy, working up the pit and screaming out every last breath of air he's got. Guitarist Nevin wonders into the crowd, getting lost, sometimes losing his guitar. He’ll climb or jump off anything. Bassist Alfie is constantly losing his pants and performing strange dance moves. While the drummer Aaron seems to be continually drinking beer while smashing drums. He stands up or walks away from his kit but never seems to miss a beat. Their show is like some twisted struggle session where the members stand accused and denounced by the audience, and are forced to recite their crimes.
Based in Beijing, STRUGGLE SESSION features members of Chinese hardcore punk band Fanzui Xiangfa, Australian synth-grind band Scrotal Vice, Moroccan hardcore band W.O.R.M., and US band Handed To The Thousands. From four corners of the world, they united over a shared affinity for fast music, reckless abandon, and tasteful public nudity.
Since forming in late 2016, STRUGGLE SESSION has averaged one performance every five days, regularly brutalizing audiences in Beijing's Temple and School bars as well as festivals, clubs, and DIY spaces across China. In 2017, they released a split LP with Guangzhou's Die!ChiwawaDie! and took to the road for a tour in Morocco and Spain, later producing a documentary of their trip. In the Spring of 2018, they performed in Korea for the second time, releasing a split 7” vinyl with Seoul's “dance violence” act Arryam.
Showing no signs of slowing down, STRUGGLE SESSION is set to tour South America in summer 2018. Playing 34 shows in seven countries, they'll bring their cathartic perfomance to bars, punk houses, and even street-side generator shows across Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, and Panama. The tour coincides with the releasing of a new split 7” with Brazilian DIY grindcore duo T.E.S.T. to be released on Genjing Records.
STRUGGLE SESSION is anti-racist, anti-sexist, and anti-homophobic, pro-positivity, pro-diversity and accepting of all.

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