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It all started in 2010 with Breno Tozo (guitars), Fábio Oishi (bass), Ricardo Mascarenhas (guitars) and Bruno Kioshi (drums) composing and playing their own original material. Bruno leaves the band a short time after to put his efforts on a new professional enterprise – his own recording and producing studio - being replaced by the promising 20-year-old drummer Fernando Ornellas (Feto), who shared a common passion for extreme music and hellish things. After a while, lead singer Rodrigo Novoa joins the band and the group finishes their first song writing cycle.

Due to personal matters and willing to focus on his academic career, ‘Feto’ leaves the band just before the recordings of the first album – Mind the gap - begin.
After some negotiations, the former drummer Bruno agrees to record the drum tracks and produce the songs on his studio – BK studios, in São Paulo. ‘Mind the gap’ is recorded, produced and mixed by the band members in association with Bruno Kioshi and released in 2013.
Ricardo Mascarenhas, as a talented luthier known for his work building custom musical instruments – even crafting the band’s first 8-string guitar – has to take the heartbreaking decision of leaving the band due to his custom shop’s intense workload and his difficulties to conciliate his craft with the band’s agenda.
On their search for new members, Breno and Rodrigo end up finding guitar player Vinicius Torres and bass player Douglas Pretto. Still in need for someone to fill in for the drummer position, Feto is invited to join the band once more and accepts it, bringing the band back to the scene.
After a few months of rehearsals and concerts of the band’s new line up, Rodrigo Novoa has to leave the band to move to Europe. The band starts playing and composing with different vocalists, none of whom stays for too long in the band. In this period, Douglas Pretto ends up leaving the band as well, bringing things to a halt for a while.
In early 2015, Vinícius meets by chance a bassist working as a bartender at a famous heavy metal bar in São Paulo – The newly met bassist’s musical journey catches Vinicius’s attention immediately since the guy has played in very technical bands, covering a wide range of metal icons such as Dream Theater, Death, Testament, Slayer and the like. The bass player, Murillo Vallim, is then invited to join the band and steps up to the challenge shortly after.
The band moves forward without a vocalist, but fate hits the band with another blow and later in 2015, Vinicius decides to quit the band, leaving only Feto (drums), Murillo (bass) and Breno (guitars). The remaining members don’t let this critical hit stop them and continue practicing vigorously regardless of the lack of a second guitar and vocals.
In the beginning of 2016, fate finally decides to smile upon the band once again, bringing a new player to the table. On a casual conversation with a former band mate and friend, Murillo lets slide that his band is holding vocalist try outs – Luckily, this friend is Juan Santiago, vocalist and lead guitar player of Murillo’s former Thrash/Death metal band extinct in late 2014.
Juan instantly feels interested in the position and asks Murillo to schedule an audition with the band.
Before their first rehearsal is over, Juan is immediately accepted for the job due not only to his vocals, but also for his guitar playing, allowing him to fill in the two available slots left in the band all at once.
With the new line up finally complete, the band sets on a series of small shows to get things moving and the members quickly start writing new material.
All the setbacks and problems faced along the years have helped the band mature and evolve as a collective and the new lineup has brought the band to a more brutal and technical path.
Still in 2016, the first video clip for the song “Afterfall” is released and the recordings of the “We choose violence” EP start.
The band released the EP in July 2017 and is now promoting it and working on their next Full length album.

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