• Mighty Joe Young is awesome.

    Mar 31 2007, 12h15 por thedukey

    So I found some MP3's the other day, by Mighty Joe Young, which is the name that Stone Temple Pilots went under before they became STP. Don't bother looking them up on Last.fm, all you'll find is a picture of the blues singer Mighty Joe Young and a few STP-sounding tracks credited to him.

    In a nutshell, Mighty Joe Young are awesome. There are a number of funk-inspired tracks, like 'Dirty Dog' and 'Love Machine'; old favourites like Naked Sunday, Wicked Garden and Where The River Goes.

    Then there are a couple of awesome tracks you've never heard before. Piece Of Pie sounds nothing like the track on Core, but is still fantastic.
    And then there's Only Dying; STP re-recorded this for the soundtrack to The Crow, but when Brandon Lee died on set they decided the title was too heavy and used Big Empty instead.

    Oh, and if you've ever wanted to hear Scott Weiland yodel, you need to hear Old Dixie...

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