• Steven Wilson | 013 (2-5-2012)

    Mai 3 2012, 10h07 por michielkodde

    Wed 2 May – Steven Wilson
    The second time visiting Steven Wilson. This show was similar to the show in De Boerderij last year. Major differences are: sound quality, new guitar player and a slightly different set list. Let me explain myself a bit further:

    The 013 veneu in Tilburg is a medium/big venue with a superior sound system. compared to the smaller Boerderij. Especially in the lower frequencies the 013 sound is way more defined. Resulting in thunderous low bass sounds from Nick and Adam.

    New on guitar was Niko Tsonev, relieving Aziz Ibrahim of 6 string duties. Wow what a player. Sound wise sounding much like Steven Wilson, however especially when soloing more of a virtuose.

    Another highlight was Luminol, a new track to be released in spring next year. This epic piece was themed in a much more uplifting and positive vibe than the Grace For Drowning tracks. Style wise `comparable` to Saga/Yes/Genesis/Gentle Giant. Don't get me wrong. …
  • Steven Wilson | De Boerderij (30-10-2011)

    Nov 25 2011, 12h24 por michielkodde

    This is my first time attending a solo Steven Wilson gig. This is simply because I wasn't that deep into prog when Insurgentes came out in 2008. After seeing Porcupine Tree and Blackfield in Amsterdam I knew to expect nothing but a spectacular show from this brilliant British song smith.

    The gig was staged in the main hall in de Boerderij, as always the ambience was great. The average age of the attendees was somewhat lower than I'm used to at their prog gigs. People from all age groups were represented quite evenly however people in there twenties/thirties made up the most of the crowd.

    Lasse Hoiles works yet again spiced the entire show with his artwork. While waiting for the show to start we were treated with projections on a large (semi transparent) canvas that hung right in front of the stage (between the stage and the crowd). These projection were accompanied by some intense and haunting noisy/droneish sound scape (composed by Steven Wilson as Bass Communion). …
  • My top 20 favorite tracks involving Steven Wilson

    Set 16 2011, 14h27 por Scantily