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  • Anos de atividade

    1987 – até o momento (30 anos)

  • Local de fundação

    Alavus, Etelä-Pohjanmaa, Finlândia

Spiritus Mortis is the oldest doom metal band from Finland. The band was formed in 1987 as Rigor Mortis, founding members were Teemu Maijala (bass, vocals), Jussi Maijala (guitars) and VP Rapo (drums). Because in the USA were also band called Rigor Mortis, they changed their name to Spiritus Mortis.

SM recorded four demos as trio, one demo (1997) with Tomi Murtomäki but when Vesa Lampi joined as vocalist at 1999 things became to work out. With Vesa SM recorded "Demo 2000" which received great reviews in various Metal magazines around the world.

Because VP Rapo's main instrument was and is guitar, SM was searching for drummer. Finally at 2001 Veli-Matti Yli-Mäyry joined and the band recorded two demos, Forward to the Battle (2001) and Hot Summer of Love (2002) and their first self-titled album, released through Rage Of Achilles at 2004. During recording of the s/t, Veli-Matti announced that he's going to leave SM so Jarkko Seppälä was recruited as new drummer.

After Rage Of Achilles folded, SM was looking for new record deal. Black Lotus Records showed their interest so second album, "Fallen", was released through BLRs at 2006. During "Fallen" recording sessions, distances between VP and other band members became a problem (VP had moved to Helsinki which is 350km away from Alavus), so Kari Lavila replaced VP.

SM had toured with fellow Finnish doom-metal bands, Reverend Bizarre and Minotauri under names "Friends Of Hell" and "Friends Of Hell II"

After Black Lotus Records folded, Vesa has lost his interest in music, so SM let him go. Tomi Murtomäki came to help and with him SM did successful "20 years of SM"-tour. Tomi didn't want to continue so SM is currently looking for new singer.

At January 2009 was announced that Sami Hynninen (The Puritan, Reverend Bizarre) joins as vocalist.

Spiritus Mortis signed a record deal with Firebox Records and their third album "The God Behind the God" was released may 2009. Before album 7" single "When The Wind Howled With A Human Voice/ Waiting for the Sun" was released.

The band is currently touring hard, European tour is planned at september 2009.

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