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racey formed her own band called SHE. Together with Kat Burbella on guitars (who also came from ROCK GODDESS), Jackie Bodimead on vocals (former STRATEGY and CANIS MAJOR, with whom she released a 7" and one album), Suzie Roll on drums and Chris Bonacci on guitar. The name SHE was chosen by the readers of England's leading rock magazine Kerrang!. Unfortunately, SHE never stepped outside the English clubscene. In '84, Bodimead and Bonacci join GIRLSCHOOL to record their album "Running Wild". Bonacci wasn't replaced, but Bodimead got replaced by Gudrun Laos, who we will later find back in the German band LAOS, with whom she made one album, called "We Want It". Right after these changes, Suzie Roll tells Tracey she wants to quit the band, too. She's being replaced by ex-LIMEHOUSE drummer Michelle Drees. This collaboration didn't last very long and also Michelle quits the band. Some SHE songs, the fans will probably remember from those old days are "Wishing", "Broken Dream", "Times Are Hard" and "Feel The Power In Me". SHE disbanded in '85 and Tracey starts a new project, called THE PERFECT MOTHERS together with Kate Stephenson (who plays drums, rythmn guitar and sang lead vocals). They release a single in '86, called "Captured" c/w "New Start" on Elle records. An article about SHE can be found at

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